• Product Name: GDPR-2100T

        GD HIPEC Machine (heated intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy) is essentially a chemotherapy "bath" that delivers heated chemotherapy directly into the abdominal cavity, where it penetrates  the diseased tissue directly. This targeted contact of the heated drug softens the tumor nodules,which increases absorption of the chemotherapy solution. Because HIPEC allows the chemotherapy to be directly distributed to the site, the known side effects of chemotherapy to be directly distributed to the site, the known side effects of chemotherapy that are normally administered intravenously are eliminated. Additionally it destroys undetected cancer cells after the tumor has been removed, preventing them from forming into new tumors and causing a reoccurence of cancer.
        The idea behind the treatment is that heat at 42-43 degrees Celsius(107-109 degrees Fahrenheit) is able to kill cancer cells without affecting normal cells in the body. In addition, heat supposedly makes the chemotherapy more powerful at killing cancer cells, as well as softens the nodules of the tumors. So that the chemotherapy can more easily penetrate them. The treatment helps cancer patients live longer than they might be expected to, there is enough scientific evidence that it works.
        The treatment is good for patients with  specific cancers, like  mesothelioma, appendix cancer and pseudomyxoma 
        peritonea (a rare cancer in the abdominal cavity that produces proteins called mucin), as well as some patients with colon cancer with fewer side effects.
        This equipment applies the puncture technique or postoperative indwelling catheter technique, the chemotherapy drug diluents and / or cancerous effusion are/is drawn into the therapeutic machine and heated automatically afterwards, then infused into the cavity through two catheters inserted in the internal cavity, under the computer global dynamic monitor and feedback regulation, maitaining the treatment liquid and / or effusion at a relatively constant temperature, circulate perfusion, and to realize to kill the metastatic cancer cells effectively . The device solves the cancerous effusion "resurgence" problem thoroughly, successfully resolves a series of difficult problems in the traditional intra- cavity perfusion, inconstant washing temperature, imbalanced body cavity temperature which is complex to manipulate, operation- needed and high adhesion incidence ratio, etc. which are recognized in medical field.
        Clinical Application Range
        1, Pleural effusion, peritoneal effusion, and pericardial effusion caused by malignant carcinoma;
        2, Coordinate the thermal cleaning treatment of excision operations of gastric cancer,  colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, and endometrial cancer ;
        3, Treatment of preventive post operative abdominal diffusivity transfer ;
        4, Treatment of cellulose in tuberculous thoracic   ;
        5, Conservative treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma;
        6, Clearance treatment of purulent peritonitis, empyema .
        Principle of treatment
        According to tumor cells and normal human body cells’ temperature sensitivity difference, and their water content, and blood flow, etc. and other biological characteristic differences under different temperature, with the utilization of tumor thermotherapy principle, and with the application of in vitro electromagnetic induction untouched heating device of the thermochemotherapy perfusion equipment, the therapy  fluid to be heated to the treatment temperature, and to be conducted into patient’s body cavity through in vitro dynamic circulating pump, and to maintain effective treatment temperature within 60 minutes, so as to give a full play to the thermal destruction mechanism; to proceed with heat cleaning of the metastatic cancer cells widely planted on the plasma , to add the chemotherapy drugs with thermo- sensitivity effect according to cancer cells metabolic disorder and genetic material damage after hyperthermia, to promote to cease the cancer cells dividing, eliminate the focus of solicitant malignant effusion, to rapidly repair the biological membrane, and to achieve the purpose of effective treatment carcinomatous hydrops.
        Technical Parameters Table
        Environmental temperature
        Environmental humidity
        No more than 70%
        Maximum input power
        1850 W
        Manners of Temperature Setting
        Coarse adjustment+accurate adjustment
        Control range of classification of temperature setting
        39℃46℃ ten level in total
        Resolution of accurate adjustment of temperature setting
        Range of temperature setting
        Range of temperature control
        Accuracy of temperature control
        Control range of therapy flow velocity
        Accuracy detection of flow velocity
         Temperature value of power off for
         over temperature protection
        Mode of perfusion
        Single-channel perfusion, circulation perfusion, combined perfusion
          Content displayed on the human-computer interface
        Perfusion methods, values and curves of the into_ cavity temperature, values and curves of out of cavity temperature, set temperature value, control temperature value, flow rate , treatment time, et.
        Temperature detection device
         Function of prevent false plug
        Cooling way of the integrated machine
        Air cooling
        Package size
        50 Kg